Civil Rights Commission


Civil Rights Commission

Main Members

Area of Responsibility: Investigate complaints charging unlawful housing practices.
Term: 5 Years
Appointed by: City Council
Legal Basis: City Charter, Article VI
Ordinance: City Ordinance, PART TWO, TITLE EIGHT, CHAPTER 278


The Civil Rights Commission shall have the power and duty to:
(a) Initiate or receive and investigate complaints charging unlawful housing practices.
(b) Seek conciliation of such complaints, hold hearings, make findings of fact, issue orders and publish findings of fact and orders in accordance with Chapter 626 of the General Offenses Code.
(c) Render, from time to time, but not less than once a year, a written report to Council of its activities and recommendations with respect to fair housing practices.
(d) Adopt such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and provisions of Chapter 626 of the General Offenses Code


The City Council shall have the right to remove, for misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance, by a two-thirds vote of Council, any appointed member of the Civil Rights Commission. Members are expected to be present at all meetings, if possible. If the member is unexcused for two consecutive meetings, they may be removed from the Commission with a two-thirds vote of Council.