Currently, Trenton Police & Fire Dispatch is a 24/7 operation staffed by 4 full-time Dispatchers and 4 part-time Dispatchers. It is their duty to provide the citizens of Trenton with uninterrupted prompt answering to emergency and non-emergency calls for service for the Police and Fire Departments.


Dispatchers work eight hour shifts unless coverage is needed to replace other Dispatchers on vacation.  With enhanced 911 capabilities, Dispatch uses CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) as its primary system of operation; networked with all other Ohio law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.  The communications center monitors and transmits on multiple radio frequencies using a new, county-funded Motorola Centracom Elite radio system.  Currently, all 9-1-1 calls are forwarded to us from Middletown Dispatch.


The Trenton Police & Fire Dispatch Center answers more than four hundred and fifty 9-1-1 telephone calls, dispatched more than fifteen thousand two hundred and sixty police & fire incidents, and answered 36,500 telephone calls in 2007.



When calling 9-1-1 in an emergency: 

Give the complete address where you need help.

Tell the 9-1-1 operator what the problem is -- why you need help.

Give the 9-1-1 operator your name.

Remain calm and talk clearly.

Give the 9-1-1 operator as much information as possible.