Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is the investigative arm of the Trenton Police Division and is currently made up of one Detective. All preliminary complaint reports requiring further investigation are referred to the Detective Bureau for review and evaluation. Some cases are assigned to a specific patrol officer for further investigation through the Detective Bureau for in-depth follow-up.


This Bureau is involved in many aspects and responsibilities. The Detective makes contact with the victims, interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, prepare and execute search warrants, collect evidence at crime scenes, submit warrant requests, prepare court cases, handle extraditions and provide investigative/intelligence support to other law enforcement agencies.


There are many areas of expertise handled by our highly trained and experienced Detective which include:

- Identity Theft / Fraud

- Breaking and Entering / Robberies

- Theft of Property

- Criminal Damage

- Arson

- Domestic violence

- Sex Crimes

- Homicide


The Detective Bureau can be reached at phone number 513-988-6341.