Police Records


City of Trenton background checks are conducted using Trenton Police Department records ONLY and may not reflect the total criminal or traffic history of the individual.  For more comprehensive background reporting, contact the BC Sheriffs’ Office at 513-785-1034, or check the Ohio Attorney General’s website at http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/ Business/Services-for-Business/WebCheck/Webcheck-Community-Listing.aspx.



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Fee Schedule for Services





220.03 (Attachment) Public Records Fee Schedule

as referenced in City of Trenton Ordinance 15-2011 section 220.03: Availability of Public Records


Requests for which fees total $4.99 or less will be prepared at no charge.

All requests for which fees total $5.00 or more must be prepaid in cash.


Record Type/Media




- standard sizes only (8 ½” x 11”, 8 ½” x 14”, 11” x 17”)


Black & white (to include B&W photos)

Per Page

$ .05


Color (to include color photos)

Per Page

$ .10


Certified Copies, paper only and in addition to above fees for black & white or color copies

Each Document


Background Check, Trenton Police Department only






External Drive, up to 4G



External Drive, over 4G


Market price

Postage and supplies to deliver any of the above as requested


Market price

Email or fax delivery of any document that does not require redaction and/or has been previously redacted and stored electronically


No fees

Temporary labor as necessary to fulfill lengthy and/or complex requests, with advance notice only


Market price




1)         Requests from governmental or quasi-governmental agencies shall be honored pro bono unless, due to volume and staff time issues, a charge must be levied to offset unreasonably lengthy or complex requests, as determined by the Chair of the City of Trenton Records Commission;

2)         As per the City of Trenton Public Records Policy, Section 3.6, Advance Payment, “the City of Trenton may at any time require payment in advance for any request, including but not limited to any special temporary labor, materials, and postage related to the fulfillment of the request.  The City reserves the right to refuse to reproduce and/or provide any records if a requester fails to meet any advance payment requirement”; and,

3)         Any changes to the above Public Records Fee Schedule must be approved by the City of Trenton Records Commission and City Council.

4)         Any prepaid amount in excess of final charges will be refunded promptly.

5)         Any request for other than standard copy size or format will be addressed by the Records Commission on a case-by-case basis.