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Special Activity Form

  1. This application is to be filled out for large groups of 50 or more using City of Trenton property for those events such as, but not limited to parades, music events, etc. (Note: At no point can alcohol be served or sold on public property )
  2. Total time is the setup time, event time, and cleanup time.


  3. Attach parade route or city street requested to be blocked

  4. Food

    If food is being prepared on site to sell,  please contact the Butler County Health Department for a temporary food service license.  Link:  

  5. Will tents be erected?
  6. If large tents will be erected, they must be flame retardant certified. Large tents will also require an on-site inspection by the city Service Director. Tent stake locations need to be marked one week prior to the event, after city approval. The Ohio Utilities Protection Service also requires notification before any digging occurs at 800-362-2764.
  7. If requesting a shelter at Community Park, please indicate which Shelter:
  8. Will public parking lots be utilized?
  9. Is it requested to change the traffic flow or block streets?
  10. Are barricades needed or traffic cones needed?
  11. Requesting use of the Community Park Amphitheater?
  12. Will amplification devices be used(speakers or other sound equipment)?
  13. Will electric be required?
  14. Will restroom facilities be needed?
  15. Are fireworks planned at the event?
  16. Police or Fire services requested?
  17. Public Works Department requested?
  18. Guidelines
    • The City of Trenton only reserves the sheltered areas. The rest of the park is open to the public. That includes the playground equipment, basketball courts, restrooms, and parking lots.
    • Alcohol possession and consumption are prohibited in all areas of Trenton Parks.
    • Request must be received ten (10) days in advance of the event. 
    • Applicant should allow five (5) business days for the request to be processed. 
    • General clean up is the responsibility of the applicant.
    • Ordinances which regulate noise shall be observed at all times.
    • In any instance where direct access to a residence or business is blocked, permission must be gained from the property owner in writing. 
    • No nails, spikes, staples, tacks or adhesive material may be driven into or affixed to trees within the public right-of-way (ROW). 
    • Any event that city services are used for the maintenance or cleanup of such event may be billed to the event sponsor by the City of Trenton. 
    • Where an event will require extensive traffic control, the applicant/organization may be required to hire off-duty police officers. 
    • The Police Department or Fire Department may require additional information to ensure compliance with the Codified Ordinances of the City of Trenton and the Ohio Revised Code or any other applicable code. 
    • The applicant and/or organization and all attendees agree to release and hold the City of Trenton harmless from all liability caused through said use. Trenton will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged property.
  19. Check Box to Agree*

    I certify the facts set forth in this form are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize the City of Trenton to investigate my background, or the background of any person or entity named in the form. The person represents, stipulate, contracts and agrees, for themselves and the organization stated above, that jointly and severally will indemnify and hold the City of Trenton harmless against all liability for any and all claims for damage to property or injury to, or death of persons arising out of or resulting from the approval of the form.

  20. For additional information, contact Sharon Leichman @; 513-428-0150

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